The Boots on the Ground

JOSIE and Amjed 

Empowering this generation to boldly proclaim the love, freedom and healing power of Jesus Christ to the lost and hurting around the world!

After spending three years in the Brazilian, Colombian and Peruvian Amazon working with Indigenous tribes, Josie then relocated to Namulanda, Uganda for almost a year. In working alongside of a local work, Josie helped strengthen the work, the projects which were already established, open new works, disciple, preach, teach, evangelize, and invest into the next generation of leaders. In March of 2017 Josie opened up her own 501C3 non profit ministry called LAUNCH International. She has relocated to Kurdistan, Northern Iraq focusing on humanitarian aid efforts and much more! Josie and her husband, Amjed have been married since September 2018 and are continuing to live and work in Northern Iraq!

reaching small villages across the globe

Making a difference is easy

1. Provide Aid

We apply your donations to bring humanitarian aid to areas that need it most.

2. Create Community

With your support, we establish communities where people can feel safe

3. Empower People

Your gift empowers people to get educated and build a stronger future for their families.